We have fresh videos of our products:
  • Our conversational software demonstrated on a Nao
  • Our unique non-thermal, radio-frequency devices, such as a model of a wireless charging station
  • Our executive class bot software for business and customer-service automation--COMING SOON
Artificial intelligence-based interactive software
  • Patented emotive response architecture, which gives us exclusivity in the areas of:
  • Interactive companion software to reinforce social skills and improve mental health
  • Emotional animals which can take the form of toys
Infrastructure and wireless charging
Biotech devices and mental health
  • The "Zen pillow", a device to help alleviate lower-back pain
  • The low-frequency energy transfer unit, a device which applies circuital power directly to the electrical tissues of the body
The human race in space--one step beyond
  • Non-thermal, radio-frequency wireless-power skin to maintain the body's magnetic field, thereby stabalizing its electrical characteristics