Creators of the artificial mind

Artificial animals for human companionship
  • Interactive companion software-in-hardware that serves as a companion to the human condition. These days it is especially important to consider our humanity by creating intelligent tools to keep us safe and improve our collective mental health.
  • Emotional animals that communicate with you and learn your personality. These can take the form of a simple pillow, a household object, a dining experience, an interactive avatar, or a fully-featured walking robot.
  • Social and mental therapy with artificial animals: SMTWAA.
Support and enhancement of manufactured robots. Spoiler alert! Most manufactured robots do not come with a personality.
  • iCybie support, upgrades, and programming tutorials.
  • An interactive interface for a Nao.
  • Partnerships in the pipeline.
Intellectual property
  • Patented wireless energy distrubution.
  • Patent applied: cognitive-emotive interaction architecture.
  • "A cognitive-emotional conversational interaction system." Patent Issued: 14 October 2019, Patent number NL1042811.
Sustainable infrastructure and intelligent battery charging
  • Personal e-mobility wireless charging solutions.
  • Smart battery designs to improve charging quality and cycle-lifetime management.
The cartheur blog
  • Keep up-to-date regarding our latest work and theoretical constructs of artificial intelligence and the motivation of our product, artificial animals.
Research and development of novel electromagnetic technologies
  • Featured power distribution networks for innovative electrical grids for smart cities (sustainable buildings, energy distribution, innovations)
  • Queen-drone cooperative robotic environment and architecture with wireless electrical power and data-transposion distribution.
  • Research of automata, wireless power , and ethics in robotics. Check out our publications.
  • Research, development and manufacture of infrastructure wireless-charging stations for personalised e-mobility.
  • Design of innovative non-thermal, radio-frequency devices and platforms. Useful for human-integrated robotics.
  • Manufacture of a low-frequency energy-transfer unit, a device which applies circuital power directly to the electrical tissues of the body.