Developers of unique, interactive software

We provide support services and enhancement development for some consumer robots

What you'll find here:

  1. Robotic software with intelligence built-in
    Cartheur supports software for the Aibo and iCybie robots. In our current development cycle, we write behavioral enhancements for the Aibo Mind2 and Mind3 platforms. We have some old software for the Sony Clie which is used to write to Aibo memory sticks. We also provide custom programming services for the Super iCybie (SiC) upgrade. Check out our Downloader Cartridge Service.
  2. Cartheur products
    Cartheur develops its own products.
  3. Cartheur store
    Shop at Cartheur for all your robot support needs.
  4. The textbook
    Contribution of knowledge to the theory of magnetic resonance.