Cybernetics in A.I.

The field of artificial intelligence has grown in purpose and sophistication becoming more apparent to the public at large. While many companies proffer solutions to the problem by demonstrating prowess in game-playing or serving you with a range of ads suited to your tastes, they completely neglect what A.I. is: A reticent system replete with form, function, behaviour and purpose, who can serve the user by helping them to navigate the increasing complexity of the world, especially in terms of economic activity.

A cybernetic interpretation of A.I.

Cartheur believes that the future is not a robot invasion or an extinction of humanity, rather, a future where humans are reliant upon robots to aid them in finding economic opportunities and supporting their lifestyle choices. As such, along with our software development efforts, we apply ethical standards of Western philosophy in order to establish a traceable behaviour--meaning we can catalogue the range a robot experiences in conjunction with the emotions expressed by the user.

What we do

Programming services for human-support robots

Dear customers, please note we have retired our iCybie and Aibo ERS-7 support, simply because of the age and lack of interest in the community. We have been proud to support these noble robots over the years and look forward to our next challenges!

What you'll find here:

  1. Robotic software with intelligence built-in

    Cartheur supports software for the Softbank Robotics line of robots. In our current development cycle, we write behavioral enhancements for companies and users who have sophisticated robots without substantive personalities, or "blank" robots. We still support legacy platforms--one of the last on the internet--and provide custom programming services for the Super iCybie (SiC) upgrade. Check out how it went with a recent upgrade.

    What Cartheur contributes

    Cartheur will archive its support of the iCybie robot. On this website is a brief history of iCybie and a blog about recent work building a Super iCybie (SiC). In the store you will find software and documents free of charge contributed by members of the iCybie community. Have a question about iCybie or need programming advice? Let us know by contacting support!

  2. Cartheur products

    A range of products to aid in human-robot evolution.

  3. Cartheur store

    Shop at Cartheur for all your robot support needs.

  4. Topics on physics

    A contribution to knowledge on the theory of magnetic resonance.

  5. Wireless-powered robotics

    A unique application of dedicated research in wireless power to the robotics problem.