About cartheur & its founder

Cartheur was founded in 2009 to innovate in the robotic-hardware and software domains where we devote a lot of time and energy into our product, The Artificial Mind. We are investing time and effort into propagating our innovation into as many places as we can. We think it will help people understand that robots are a friendly entity and not involved in some kind of conspiratorial apocalypse. Thank you for you interest in us.

Dr. C.A. Tucker, studied for his Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Kevin Warwick at the University of Reading.

In the same way as a family genealogy, there is also an academic genealogy. As he studied, so did Kevin study and so forth extending deep into intellectual history. here is Dr. Tucker's academic genealogy for his Ph.D., starting with Kevin Warwick it flows into the past under English, German, Dutch, Greek, and Persian scientists:

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