Safe distribution of local wireless power

Wireless power architecture

A pictographic representation of the functionality described in US 8,274,178. Each component has a dependence upon the other and is coupled in a manner such that describes its complete resonant structure, although independently existing partially.

Cartheur's vision of wireless power

Wireless power distribution structures over long distances will be of great interest in the future, as our global society evolves from 25,000 years of wired to a completely new but not unheard of wireless one, where we are all connected to each other. What we have tried to do in attempting to find the best solution, was to reconstruct Tesla's concept into physical form and experiment with it, as I'm sure he would agree. After years of research and meditation to help my brain come to terms with his "electrical architecture of the universe", rather a simple concept but a terror to translating the concept into early 21st Century jargon and technological paradigms. The simple story is that in the beginning, there was this concept:

The dream which began
The tower
The customer

Cartheur started crowdfunding campaigns, one of which was to build working scaled models of the exact work Tesla did at Wardenclyffe. I say "exact" because I visited the Tesla museum in Belgrade and had a chance to peer into the mind of Tesla via his works stored in the archive. The first campaign received little interest but tencity is still driving the efforts and we plan a revival in the future.

Before directly tackling the "Tesla problem", I began with a set of simple experiments to test the operating efficiency of a prototype which would become the substance of US 8,274,178. In those days I was idealistic, naive I would say, even talking out loud to other academics what I was working on back in the period January to April 2004.

Here is a basic operational test showing how the hp8640B is powering the primary coil and the hp141T/hp8555A spectrum analyzer reads the correctly received power signal from the mobile card.

Here is the modulation test which shows that the power signal can also receive information as a carrier wave. Demonstrated here for AM and FM.

So many aspects of wireless power are completely amazing that it is hard to discover which is your favourite. For me, I think I like the lamp, it is an ambience I can relax to.

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