The legacy software archive

Since I have been working professionally in software in one form or another over a number of years, I've tended to collect a lot of abandoned code that was rather important to a number of developers in the time. One notable penchant is iCybie. The more you work with it and the platform it represents, the more you appreciate in detail what Andrew Filo's invention means--rather crucially--in how robust and pliable it is. Cartheur is dedicated to preserving this code, including sources and compilers where possible. We also include free distributions of our code contributions. Presently, all items in the store are free which include support literature, code, specifications, SDKs, and other interesting things that have been done for iCybie over the years. Copyrights remain the property of their respective owners for closed source portions although the entriety of the codebase has been classified as abandonware. You'll also find some updates I made to ICBURN so that it can build debug and release configurations in Visual Studio 2005 and run in Windows XP/7/8.1--the former being the preferred. I will also be including it on our GitHub page.

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There are 9 components available for download in the Cartheur store.